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Unfortunately for Bronco Nation, the professional football season is over in Colorado, but local hockey fans are still cheering Loveland's Colorado Eagles. When we look at new homes for sale in Loveless, the community's love for their sports teams is clear.

Many locals support the CSU basketball players, who are currently ranked sixth in the Bergwest league. There are also great venues in Loveland to watch games and fans are encouraged to cheer on their favorite team. The bonus of the sports station is when the kids get bored with football and want to do something different. All games are held at the Loveless Community Center, just blocks from the University of Colorado campus.

Loveland sports bars and restaurants offer high-quality sports entertainment and are the perfect place to camp and watch the games. When I travel, which is a lot, I always look for places where I can watch games and the big bonus is when you like eggs with your beer early at a football match. We also play a lot of Fantasy Football and run the game Beat the Leader, where players can win free bites, which happens occasionally.

We also offer a jug of beer, which is rare in Colorado when you watch football with friends. There's a ton of craft beer on tap and the wings are baked fantastically. I wrote down the pitcher's beer (which was rare for Colorado) after the bartender informed me they were not hosting football specials.

If you love the excitement of professional NHL, Colorado Avalanche ice hockey games are a great family activity. The Centerra restaurant and venue offers residents the opportunity to cheer on their favorite sports team while enjoying a variety of food and drinks and live entertainment. For families who prefer to cheer on collegiate athletics, Colorado State University offers a unique experience of watching an action event - a packed sporting event.

It's a chain, it's close to home and it has to be easy - to the football bar because it feels like a real sports bar and has the best wings to behave. I also have good cards that this bar makes great hamburgers and prepares them exactly as you order them. It is the perfect place to enjoy a good burger, a great drink, good food and good entertainment.

If you're playing for an NFL team in Colorado, Denver Broncos games have priority when it comes to sound, the game sound is turned on at that bar. I have the most die-hard Broncos fan in Loveland and if you don't have a Sunday ticket, there's a great bar to watch football. If you can root for your team, franchise, team or Fantasy Football, you need to track down the best sports bar in Loveland. They open at 8 a.m. and serve breakfast, so imagine what it's like for a football fan visiting from outside Loveland, Colorado. For those of you who don't have Sunday tickets or if you do, there are great bars where you can watch football.

Located in the Sports Grill in the old railway depot of the city, it is one of the best sports bars in Loveland.

El Cielo has always had a sound during Broncos football, and he had two Bud Light touchdown shots during last year's game. Today, the Blue 32 is still the place where Vikings fans meet for games and also has a Sunday ticket 15. Pepsi Center Denver is 45 minutes south of I-25 and is easily accessible from northern Colorado. It offers great views of the Denver Broncos and the Colorado Rockies games as well as other sports.

There are several Loveland hotspots that offer an opportunity to support local sporting talent while you follow the action live. There are a number of chain sports bars that include chain sports bars in eastern Lo Colorado, and there are plenty of ways to relax with a hot appetizer. To find the perfect place to see sports in Loveland, check out our list of the best sports bars and restaurants in Colorado.

Sports Station is popular with locals, but finding a spot at the bar for a Broncos game can be difficult. Surely you have to help a sports fan visiting the city by leaving a comment below when you leave a great sports bar in Loveland. Heidi Kerr Schlaefer is a senior at Colorado State University's College of Arts and Sciences and a member of the Colorado Sports Writers Association.

Bring your family, try out delicious offerings, show team spirit and raise money to support institutions, doctors and organizations that are committed to better treatments for childhood cancer and finding a cure. Visit our website to learn more about Loveland and plan a tour of the Lakes and Centerra to experience the community you know.

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