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More than 65 Loveland businesses have signed a pact to stay open for business as Larimer County moves toward Level Red. On Monday evening, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the county's employee representatives held an open forum to find out how to implement a plan that would allow the reopening. The companies that join the agreement believe that the county and state impose restrictions that are unfair and unnecessary for small businesses. More than 60 businesses from restaurants, hotels, retail stores and other businesses signed the letter and refused to close their doors in response to the new "Level Red" restrictions on restaurants and hotels in the district.

The restaurateurs said they would not lay off employees they consider family immediately before the holidays because Larimer County's health makes decisions dependent on what happens at Loveland.

Henry's is an award-winning establishment in the heart of the city centre, also known for its good food and great atmosphere. Henry's, which has more than 20 years of experience as a restaurant and bar in Loveland, has its own restaurant, Henry's Tavern. Wapiti's Colorado Pub has had its share of success, too, and its patio cake has taken advantage of Colorado's sunshine and even been voted the best patio in Loveland.

According to the Level Red district website, the restaurant is closed for its indoor dining, allows takeaways, serves only family groups with outdoor seating, is not allowed to serve alcohol after 8 p.m., and has issued a final call for alcohol consumption, according to the website. While they have a great menu in a pub, eating outside is not allowed, but you can enjoy it outside on the back terrace and drink beer or two or order takeout meals and packs of 6 with crowlers by calling 970 - 775 - 2235. However, indoor dining is prohibited, most shops can be operated, and bars and breweries can also serve outdoors as long as they serve food. Gyms and offices are limited to 10 people and eating outside is only allowed in the gym or office, although it can be enjoyed on the terrace.

Loveland Food Cart is located down next to the Rathskeller and is your ticket for a quick and delicious meal. Ptarmigan's Roost Cafe is located in the basement of the old Ritz-Carlton building on the west side of the city and offers a wide range of food and beverages as well as a wide selection of craft beers.

The menu also offers a wide variety of food, including burgers, sandwiches, salads, soups, quesadillas, pasta, desserts and more. The menu is filled with a variety of different meats, cheeses, vegetables, fruits, nuts, spices and spices.

If you visit the Serious Texas location, you will find a mixture of dishes that will satisfy every palate. You'll find must - try smoked turkey paired with award-winning Pulled Pork, a grilled favorite bursting with flavors, and you'll find the only moose burger you can eat in northern Colorado. Find a mix of meats, cheeses, salads, soups, quesadillas, pasta, desserts and more to satisfy your palate.

The boat grill has two additional outdoor areas, one of which is a roof terrace that offers magnificent mountain views and a fireplace. Whether you've just played a round of golf or are just there for the food and beer, the outdoor terrace is the perfect place to take in everything.

Watch skiers and riders warm up by the fireplace while you take a break and enjoy a snack. Watch the game on one of their large TVs, take a bite to eat and pair your drink with the selection. Take a break and relax in this creative dining room in the heart of Loveland. From home cooked meals to casual dinners, this down-to-earth, down-to-earth restaurant will make you feel at home. Enjoy a glass of wine or beer or even just a drink or two and a few snacks and snacks while relaxing in a creative and friendly environment with a magnificent view of the mountains.

The locally owned eatery is relatively new to the scene when they opened their doors in 2014, but they are still suffering from the hype. Try some of the delicious dishes on the menu to see if it's a hype and make sure you don't miss out on their catfish and drop by and say hello!

When the weather is nice, it smells of home - cooked from the grill everywhere, and if it is not too hot, of a home-cooked grill. Enjoy a barbecue of your choice on the spacious patio, which features plenty of seating, hanging baskets and great views of the Colorado Rockies from the patio.

The 1930s-style restaurant offers a fine menu of quality steaks and seafood. We feel thousands of miles from Colorado at this cafe that serves authentic Thai dishes prepared by highly qualified and experienced chefs. Door 222 is especially known for its menu, which is prepared with great attention to detail in every bite. You also have a wonderful menu that offers a variety of appetizers to eat with friends, have a few beers, enjoy dinner or end the night.

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