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They offer over 150 craft beers from around the world in an atmosphere that feels relaxed and upscale. They hold fun events all year round, and a few more are opening soon, such as the Left Hand Brewing Company in Denver. I recommend dance clubs because the music is varied, the dance floor is spread out and the roof has a view.

If you fancy a bite to eat and a beer, head to CB Potts CooperSmith Pub & Brewing. Equinox Brewing gives you the opportunity to taste their beers and take home recipes to make your own. In the meantime, you can enjoy a wide selection of food from local restaurants as well as a variety of local craft beers.

While you're there, pick up a T-shirt or two for your friends at home and visit the tasting room for some great beers, including some experimental brews. Who cannot decide, which brewery he would like to visit, can make itself with the foam material tour a picture.

And of course, Center Village has plenty of Colorado brews to match Guinness, Smithwicks and reliable pub fare. If you have time, follow your madness and stop by Fort Collins Brewery for a beer or two of their great beers and a bite to eat at the newly opened Gravity 1020 restaurant. And finally, experience some of the industry's most unique breweries.

West Village is more residential, but Union Jack's is close to 95th and South Boulder, and if you happen to need groceries at the nearby King Soopers, it's also right next door. In Union Creek you can enjoy breakfast, pizza, grill, beer and lunch at Lola's Waffle Hut, which you can order for breakfast. Waffles can also be ordered for lunch at the waffle lodge, while Union Creek offers breakfast pizzas and barbecues, as well as beer for lunch at the local Publix.

If that's not enough, you can relax on the roof terrace with a glass of wine or beer on a hot summer day.

Even better, Grizzly Rose features regional acts and nationally renowned performers six nights a week, and a genre of music can be tapped into depending on the evening. The dance club recommends it as fun and free, but we recommend it because it is a place to get to know the history and culture of the city as well as the local music scene.

They offer happy hour offers and live music on Fridays and weekends, but it is also part of the urban atmosphere. This is a family-friendly place, perfect for exploring the art world and generally hanging out, which is great for finding Pokemon. They offer sausages, sausages and Brussels roasts, as well as beer and wine. Staff are also on hand to give you instructions and help you try out Colorado - brewed brew.

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In Loveland you can visit Fort Vasquez, which was once a trading center for Native Americans. Camp Collins was built during the Civil War by the 9th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry to protect the US Army base at Fort Collins, Colorado.

Occasionally Jerry Joe Henderson, an assassin, would visit Brass Monkey's at night and occasionally deliver liquor to Rutledge's. Accompanied by Wayne Cook we went to the liquor store for my favourite malt blender.

Brass Monkey's Wine & Spirits is classified as a liquor business and has been in business for 10 or more years. The name is a nod to Sean Cunningham, who ran a pub called "Brill Monkey" in the Meatpacking District. Brassmonkey's cocktails are a mix of beer, wine, spirits and other spirits such as vodka, rum, whisky, gin and vodka. Odell's Brewing Company was founded as the first microbrewery in Fort Collins and is on the rise. Strawberries are alcohol-friendly (they are compatible with e-cigarettes) and can be confused and added to many drinks.

If the idea of a barbecue sounds good and you feel like getting a little messy, try Eagle BBQ for a Colorado-style grill. The Incline Bar & Grill would be the perfect place to enjoy an old favorite cheese, Macs' n ', but you can take it to another level by enjoying it in all sorts of creative ways. They are best known for their grilled cheese sandwiches and tarts, which make them a great alternative to traditional Macs' n 'cheese.

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More About Loveland