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If Colorado is on your retirement list, Colorado's Northern Front Range has a lot to offer the declining boomer generation. Northern Colorado is a community full of activities, opportunities and adventure, from Rocky Mountain National Park to the peaks of the Great Smoky Mountains to the bustling downtown of Fort Collins, all within a short drive of Denver.

There is also so much to do, from scenic excursions to wildlife watching, hiking, cycling, camping, mountain biking and hiking. The abundance of year-round outdoor activities provides a great opportunity for outdoor recreation as well as a variety of leisure activities.

Green Ride Colorado and Red Lion offer hourly shuttle services from DIA to the Loveland and Fort Collins areas. There is also a guide booklet available from the FortCollins Center for the Arts and Humanities. Learn more about how the Fort Collins car drives on the Colorado State University and University of Colorado campuses in Boulder.

Take a day off to explore the rich history and beauty of northern Colorado and choose one of these great places to visit. This natural experience provides a haven for those who want to get in touch with Colorado's wild side.

The Fort Collins / Loveland area has been recognized by AARP as a great place to live and work in Colorado. Colorado State University hosts one of the highest rated schools in the state of Colorado, as well as many other high-quality colleges and universities. A thriving city of more than 1.5 million people, FortCollins has an enticing array of amenities that attract talented workers to its high-tech businesses.

The breathtaking views of the foothills of Loveland is another reason to move to the area on the west side of Loveland. On the north side you can play on the beach, and the south shore offers fantastic views over the Rockies. With a variety of restaurants, shops, bars, hotels, restaurants and other amenities, it is worth a visit.

The Horsetooth Reservoir is located on the west side of Loveland, just a few miles south of the Colorado River, and is the largest reservoir in the Northern Colorado region and the second largest lake in Colorado. This fantastic park offers a variety of activities such as kayaking, canoeing, canoeing and sometimes ice skating in winter. Another way to immerse yourself in the nature of this northern Colorado region is to visit Horcheside Reservoir and its waterfalls.

Around the reservoir there are a variety of hiking trails such as the Horsetooth River Trail and the Arthur Rock Trail. There is an easy - to medium - path that includes a clockwise change in altitude of 163 feet and climbs to an altitude of 6,780 feet. Not to mention that Colorado Highway 14, which runs along the river, is also designated as Colorado Scenic Historic Byway.

The trail takes you 21 miles and starts in Island Grove Park, but there is also a trail head on the other side of the lake, just a few blocks away. Shopping is within a minute, and there are also many restaurants and shops along the river as well as a variety of shops and restaurants in the area.

The Rocky River Bar & Grille offers many healthy local ingredients and drinks at a reasonable price for a lot of money.

To learn more about what's happening at local hotspots, check out our guide to the top 10 restaurants in Colorado Springs. If you've seen Washington D.C. "s Awakening, which depicts a giant struggling to fathom himself, you can pay your folksy unofficial brother to take you to Logan Square, home to one of the city's most popular bars and restaurants.

It is located on the west side of Loveland, nestled in the foothills of the mountains with breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado River and Denver skyline.

About ten minutes from Loveland, the park offers plenty of opportunities to go horseback riding and see wildlife and cool geological formations. The eastern side of this reservoir is also one of the best bouldering spots in Colorado. It's a must-see - on the Colorado State University campus, you can see the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado River and the Denver skyline in all their glory. Arthur's Rock is located at the foot of Rocky Mountain National Park, just a few miles west of Denver, and offers spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains and the city of Boulder, as well as a variety of geology and geophysics.

This is one of the few places in Fort Collins that offers children the opportunity to experience farm life. It is a truly quake utopia and offers a variety of activities, from horseback riding to hiking, camping, fishing and much more. This is a great place to get involved in action - an activity full of activities, such as a bike ride through the forest or a hike in the mountains.

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More About Loveland